Up Next

We are back in rehearsal for our 2017-2018 season! If you are or know a pre-teen, teen, or young adult who would like to join us, please email artistic director Andy Taylor-Blenis at atayblen@gmail.com. Come join the fun!

Who We Are

Mladost Folk Ensemble will take you on tour to the corners of the earth. Join us in an exploration of the different cultures and ethnicities of the world, learning of each through song and dance. The members of Mladost draw their inspiration from the lives of Conny and Marianne Taylor, co-founders of Boston's Folk Arts Center of New England, and their dances from folk dance experts around the world, combining both in extraordinary performances selected for their style, footwork, and presentation. Look for Mladost in performance or contact us to have us appear at your event!

The root of the word "mladost" means "youth" in many Slavic languages, representing our wide repertoire of cultures as well as our age in just one word and one ensemble. We hope you will enjoy watching our performances as much as we enjoy dancing in them!

"Mladost Folk Dance Ensemble... dance[s] up the kind of storm that in a smarter world would bring peace to that conflict-torn corner of the world." - The Boston Phoenix

"Exuberant dances from the Mladost Folk Ensemble were charming..." - The Boston Globe