Mladost People

We range in age from 9 to 37, including high school, college, and graduate students, as well as young professionals. Our members represent a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds, giving us a population as diverse as our repertoire. Many of us perform with other dance groups as well, and participate in a number of different recreational and performance dancing styles, including English Morris and sword, international folk, contra, Irish and Scottish, jazz, tap, and ballet.

Director: Andy Taylor-Blenis, right

Live Music: coordinated by Tom Pixton

Costumes: When possible, Mladost dances in the costumes of Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble, a folk ensemble in which many of our parents and dear friends danced. Thank you to Mandala, Pierre, and Julie for helping us keep tradition alive! Thank you also to Nell, Sue, Charlie, and Tierra del Sol for other costuming assistance.

Rehearsal: studio space provided by the Munroe Center for the Arts and The Dance Inn in Lexington.

Many thanks to all the dance teachers, musicians, and parents who have helped and guided us before, during, and since our beginning! And a special thank you to the Folk Arts Center for their continuing support.

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