Currently and Recently in Performance

Greek Suite

Italian Suite

Portuguese Suite

Kreutz Koenig (Germany)

Happy (original choreography)

Israeli Suites

Past Repertoire

Panhellenic Greek

Choregraphed by Lee Otterholt

Southern Italian Suite
Tarantella Napoletana, 
Tammurriata, Tarantella Bim Bom Ba

Dobruja Suite (Eastern Bulgarian)
Zborenka, Reka
Choreographed by David Skidmore and Andy Taylor-Blenis

Croatian Suite
Bunjevacko Momacko, Kolo Zita, Sukacko Kolo

Hungarian Suites (2+)
Bagi (Karikazo, Verbunk, Forgos)
Szekely (Lassu, Forgatos, Friss)

Other Hungarian dances in performance: Gensci Verbunk, Bekesi Paros, Michael's Csardas, Kevi Csardas


Jarabe Pateno (Mexican)


Portuguese Suite
Nao Vag au Mar Tonio, Vira di Nazare, Vira Crusado


Western Bulgarian Suites (3)
Trite Puti & Kopanica
Choreographed by Petur Petrov

German Suite
Mainzer Polka, Zillertaler Lendler, Kreutz Konig
Photo by Mansfield News

Polish Suite
Przeworska, Ada's Kujawiak, Mili Sero (cygani)

Audience Participation

We would love to share our love of dance with you! Teaching participatory dancing is available with our performances, as requested. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!

In the Works:

A new Bulgarian suite for Fall 2018. Stay tuned!

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